Our Riverkeepers lead our advocacy and enforcement program, and are equally at home patrolling our rivers for illegal pollution and testifying on legislation in Annapolis. Our Riverkeepers regularly patrol their rivers and tributaries, are ready to combat illegal pollution, and serve as guardians for these living resources. ShoreRivers also employs scientists, educators, and policy and legal advocates, who work at every level to protect and restore our rivers.


Licensed by the Waterkeeper Alliance, ShoreRivers is part of a growing network of nearly 300 Waterkeepers and affiliate programs in 34 countries whose active presence on waterways is becoming a force for change. ShoreRivers is also a member of Waterkeepers Chesapeake, a group of eighteen Chesapeake Bay advocacy programs which are coordinating efforts and building leverage to impact environmental legislation and policy across the watershed.


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The Waterkeeper Alliance sprung from grass roots environmental advocacy begun on the Hudson River in the 1960s. It is now an international center which approves and licenses Waterkeeper programs around the globe. The Alliance provides litigation and administrative resources, assists in developing clean water policy initiatives, and provides a forum for Waterkeeper to exchange information, strategy and know-how. ShoreRivers, however, has its own board of directors and independently determines its own policies and priorities.