The Miles and Wye Rivers

Just north of the Choptank, the Miles River, comprising approximately 54 square miles, runs past the town of St. Michaels, out into Eastern Bay, and up into Kent Island Narrows where it touches the Chester. Branching off of the Miles, the Wye River complex includes the Wye East, the Wye Main Stem, and Wye Narrows, covers 78 square miles, and winds around historic Wye Island, a state preserve that includes a magnificent old-growth forest, walking trails, and picnic areas. These rivers are largely tidal. Surrounded mostly by agricultural land use, they share similar demographics with the Choptank and Chester and face threats from excessive fertilizers, unwise development, and sprawl.

ShoreRivers’ Miles-Wye Riverkeeper, working with the entire ShoreRivers family, is dedicated to improving the water quality in these rivers and ensuring that they remain bountiful, safe, healthy, and beautiful.