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WHAT is ShoreRivers?

ShoreRivers is a nonprofit organization working to improve the health of Eastern Shore waterways through science-based advocacy, restoration, and education. We were created in 2017 when the Chester River Association, Midshore Riverkeeper Conservancy, and Sassafras River Association merged. We have more than 3,500 members and supporters across the Eastern Shore who help us achieve our vision of healthy waterways.

WHAT does ShoreRivers do?

ShoreRivers works to improve the health of Eastern Shore waterways through science-based advocacy, restoration, and education. We have a dedicated staff of educators, scientists, restoration specialists, and advocates focused on policies and projects that will improve the health of our rivers. Our staff includes four WATERKEEPERS who regularly patrol and monitor our waters and serve as key spokespersons: Chester RIVERKEEPER, Choptank RIVERKEEPER, Miles/Wye RIVERKEEPER and Sassafras RIVEREEPER. Our WATERKEEPERS and staff are a strong, collective voice for Eastern Shore waterways.

WHY did the three groups merge together?

All three legacy organizations have a deep history of working collaboratively to improve the health of the waters in their Eastern Shore communities. By merging together, we become more than just the sum of our parts – we are now one committed voice with more influence on policy, more capacity to enact programs, and more potential to undertake large restoration projects to reduce pollution. We will maintain our local focus on our Eastern Shore rivers with our four WATERKEEPERs while having a much stronger, collective voice for our cause.

WHAT happened to the three legacy organizations?

The three legacy organizations have merged into ShoreRivers. Our passion and commitment to local waterways remains, and our leadership, staff, and Board of Directors are composed of members of the legacy organizations. We deeply value our history and will build on the strengths and accomplishments of the legacy organizations as the leading voice for healthy waterways on the Eastern Shore.

WHERE does ShoreRivers work?

Our core focus is the waterways of the Chester, Choptank, Sassafras, Miles, and Wye Rivers and Eastern Bay. Our main office is in Easton and we have regional offices in Chestertown and on the Sassafras. We work across Maryland’s Eastern Shore, extending into parts of Delaware that are included in our watersheds.

WHO does ShoreRivers help?

ShoreRivers protects and restores our waterways for everyone who lives and works on the Eastern Shore. We advocate for strong clean-water laws to ensure a legacy of thriving waterways, and help galvanize communities to act to improve the health of our rivers. ShoreRivers assists landowners, towns, and communities in funding and developing innovative pollution-reduction projects. We help farmers adopt more sustainable practices and protect their lands from runoff and erosion. ShoreRivers educates students across the Eastern Shore, teaching about our river networks and helping our young people both develop a connection and care for the rivers and appreciate how their own lives are enriched by this connection with nature.

WHAT problem is ShoreRivers trying to solve?

Our waterways are polluted – they are being choked with nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment runoff. We believe there are real solutions and we work to develop projects and programs that will improve the health of our waters and keep them healthy for all of us - now and in the future.